Saturday, July 4, 2009

On the 4th (Farce) of July

Independence Day. Really? When can we change the name of this holiday to Interdependence Day?

I have no definite plans until five o'clock when I will drive to the edge of the county to spend a few hours with some remarkable friends of mine. We won't be roasting hotdogs. We won't be singing "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy." We won't be waiting for the fireworks at first dark---unless, as my friend K. said, "It's conversational fireworks." We will be sharing ideas and opinions about world politics...because these friends are my very savvy and articulate experts on many aspects of politics and on the realities that accompany the confounding and disappointing political movements of our world---our interdependent world.

Meanwhile, I am organizing my mind to beat in rhythm with my heart so that I can articulate the throbs and aches that give meaning to this life of mine. I am struggling to "hearticulate" these things!

The Gallery is closed this Saturday--4th of July--so my young staff can go to parades and pancake breakfasts on the Plaza and prepare family picnics and outings to see the displays of fireworks. I don't like displays of fireworks. So there, I've said it!

I have stayed at home all day--alone, naturally--doing stay at home-type things: re-hanging some artwork; finishing a couple of books that have been on my night table for far too long; doctoring my forlorn geraniums; watching a bit of tennis...and thinking.

What has happened to The good old United States of America? How did it become a country of frightened and greedy and somnabulent people who feel no connection to most of the people they encounter on the aforementioned picnics, parades and other community events? Why do so many judge and condemn and dismiss those who are different on the outside (skin, age, dress, accent, choice of mates)?

I plan to explore these personal posings for the remainder of the month...or so I'm telling myself right now!

We are interdependent, you know. I'm not making that up just because it offers a bit of semi-clever wordplay for the day.