Saturday, October 16, 2010


Am I the only one who reads these blogs of mine? I think so.
So, that allows me to write freely, candidly---as if I were writing in a private diary; a delicate diary with a fine leather clasp and a tiny golden key. Tonight I do not plan to write much...I am simply planning to begin to write more regularly, more intimately, more interestingly than I have been writing here--or not been writing here for lo these many moons. It's definitely not that I haven't been writing or thinking about writing. I write every day. I just had fallen away from writing on this site. Frankly, minutes ago, when I found the password to this secret blog---a password that I had misplaced half way through 2009---I was surprised to discover that the entire blog had not been purged! Amazing! It was all still there...all these (see below) wildly random ramblings of mine, all neatly (and mainly accurately) typed in a non-descript format on a black, black background.

Having found my way here and having re-read these old posts--posts that anyone can read who happens to wander into this obscure (extremely obscure) corner of cyberspace, I am deciding, even as I work on finding my way to the end of this sentence, to write every few days...starting with this day. I must say that the old posts mystified me. Did I write all that? Really? It all seems so new and yet so true! If I weren't loathe to boast, I might even give a couple of those posts fairly high grades.
I pledge (feel free to hold me accountable) to write often and soon (and here; aqui) about: war, art, emotions, politics, beauty, travel, courage, failure and any topic that any of you phantom readers might deign to suggest...I say that in relative safety...feeling marginally confident that no one will suggest...I'm tempted to end with a quiet "tee hee" but I will--instead--continue towards another point...a point a tad more thoughtful and mature: Herewith begins my sincere intention to write and post to you, oh lovely ghosts, some snippets from this long-time, wandering, wondering, figuring-it-out mind of mine.
More soon!

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  1. I'm glad you are blogging again. It's sort of like learning a musical instrument. I mean, why not blog all the time because it's just something we people do. Yay. I look forward to more posts.