Sunday, April 17, 2011

World Wide Women of Wisdom

An Idea! This is a call to women everywhere to join World Wide Women of Wisdom: WWWW. Yes gentlemen, this call is just for women. Nevertheless, you are most welcome to read to the end and (perhaps) pass this information on to the wonderful women in your lives... NOTE: I decided to limit membership in this loose-to-the-point-of-frayed organization to women because I think this idea (see below) needs to be associated with a BIG group and it has to exist to help that big group...Moreover, in my experience, women are both powerful and hard-wired to help and comfort others and at the same time I know that so many women are in need of help in so many ways... SO: I have this idea...and I have imagined it working. Although it (definitely) makes sense to me, it doesn't necessarily make sense in the world outside of my imagination. That's because my imagination springs from the (frequently fuzzy) mind of a poet/artist who has been masquerading as a Gallery owner for decades! As I unfold (or un-crumple) this idea... [I wish I had an image of one of those environmentally more correct spirally light non-bulbs to illustrate the idea. But I don't.] ...please try to imagine it in a positive way. I ask that because I think it would be pretty easy to dismiss it as something that simply (?) could not happen; something that could not work. This "idea" began as a wondering exercise. I state here that I am a compulsive wonderer...I believe there is power or potential power in a good bout of free-floating wondering. Sometimes, at least. So, I was wondering not too long ago how one might create an organization (loose and leaderless) that all women could join, that all women could embrace. I considered that the organization couldn't cost much to join. I decided to make the membership fee one dollar. I further determined that the core idea should be easily understood and run by anyone, anywhere...and that it would have as its goal helping women in any way in which it was deemed helpful by the various women who participated. Okay...It's like this. To join: one takes a single dollar bill, writes "wwww" on it, initials it and tears off one small corner of the bill--on which one has also written "wwww". The small corner is put in one's wallet where one's identification is kept. It could be affixed to a business card or secured in the compartment where a driver's license is kept or just saved somewhere. This is one's proof of membership! The slightly (very slightly) "defaced" one dollar bill is collected by a volunteer member--anyone can be a volunteer member! When a significant amount of dollars has been collected ($50 or $100) the bundle would be tied with a pink ribbon and given (by the collector/volunteer)to any woman in need. I picture a woman struggling with little kids in a shopping mall in a distressed community...or coming out of a social services office...or sitting in an emergency room...or standing in line at an unemployment office...on sitting alone at bus stop...or wandering on a lonely street... In my fantasy, I envision millions of women participating. I imagine every woman who knew about the project would find one dollar and only one dollar (there are no tiers of membership) to become a participant in the World Wide Women of Wisdom. Anyone can be a Donor or a Collector or a Gifter or a Receiver...Soon there would be those generous (wwww) dollars floating through all communities---reminding people of...well, of the love and compassion and generosity of all women towards all women. If you like the idea, please collect membership dollars from your friends. Make sure they keep their tiny membership corner. Tell your friends to become members or collectors and let's make small but positive differences in the lives of our sisters---regardless of their ages, sexual orientation, religious beliefs (or non-beliefs) political persuasions... WORLD WIDE WOMEN of WISDOM Oh...and, if you're so inclined drop me a facebook message or e-mail ( to let me know that you're on board! Thank you!

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  1. A grand and noble idea. Personally I don't like tearing apart money, much less keeping tiny bits of it for retrieval. But knowing the little bit I am familiar with about you Linda, how you make things happen in your life, I have no doubt this will fly. My hat off and glass up to the World Wide Women of Wisdom!