Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Re-printed Holiday Letter

For days I have been wondering just what to say in a general letter that I usually feel compelled to write during this ho-ho-holiday season…I almost decided not to write anything! That’s an indication of how much has been on my mind—not, as you may have thought, how little.
I don’t want to say the same thing that everyone says…You know: “We wish you…” blah, blah and “Happy …” this or that…I want to find a way to say something meaningful and authentic…something worth remembering.
So far, I haven’t found the words. Well, I have some of the words…I just haven’t found a way to put them into sensible sentences. Perhaps I’ll just list some of the words: transformative; discretionary; liminal; syncronous; captivating; billions; luminous; creation; limitlessness; abracadabra; friendship; peace…
Maybe that’s enough to say!
I opened some Christmas cards earlier today. They’re not like the cards of yesteryear that I remember with a certain amount of nostalgia. They’re not those jolly cards that arrive in handwritten envelopes, from neighbors and friends and Aunts and Uncles…No. Today, most holiday greeting cards arrive with printed labels, addressed by a machine. And they are (virtually) all from businesses: The bank; my insurance company (and of course they want me to have a safe and prosperous year!); the pet store where I’ve been buying over-priced gourmet cat and dog food; the dry cleaners; the clothing store… Now I’m getting those annoying e-cards where one is obliged (almost) to copy and paste and click and go to a far off site and listen to a cartoon character sing something silly. Then, there are the heart-wrenching greetings asking for money…This is our world today.
I wish you were ALL coming to the Gallery today (or soon). I wish you were calling and writing---looking for Art to grace your home or the home of a loved one. But, I’m realistic. Probably you’re not. In fact, chances are that most of you have not read this far…
For those of you who are still reading, I want to share a feeling that has been churning in me for most of the past year: COMPASSION. My wish for everyone is that we make time to Pay Attention to the Beauty in the World. I think it’s important to be loving towards all whom we encounter---family, friends and strangers alike. We need one another. We need optimism, kindness, forgiveness, cheerfulness, and…


  1. Linda, I just read all your posts, didn't mean to but couldn't stop. They're beautiful.

  2. Getting on with life -- and the next chapter -- is exactly what you've always done. Look forward to reading about the Audacity of Hope trip!

  3. Hi Linda,
    Just read your reprinted Christmas letter. I hope you received my hand printed, hand addressed christmas card sent to your home address.
    Also read your latest commentary (universe to Linda)- I have so many of the same thoughts and my heart hurts reading some of your fears and questions. It's like skidding to a stop at the edge of the great abyss. I hope some of your courage and integrity rubs off on me. You take the bullet in your teeth and forge ahead and cross the abyss somehow. I wish you the best Linda -Girl Adventurer- may the Force be with you.Looking forward to your return from the goodwill trip. Be safe! Joan of Art.