Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FIRE! In The Whole...World!!

I thought I'd be in Gaza by now...Or, if not in Gaza, in an Israeli prison. I thought our ship The Audacity of Hope would have sailed days ago...But no, the passengers and press and crew of our US Boat to Gaza are still in Athens...attending press conferences, demonstrations, meetings and workshops while we untangle the contrived complaints about the seaworthiness of our little ship and while we continue to work to expose the bully tactics and chicanery perpetrated on this Freedom Flotilla by the Israeli government. How many times do we have to stand up and tell the world that the Israeli blockade of Gaza waters is illegal. Illegal! How many times do we have to repeat that our US to Gaza group is composed of peaceful, human rights-seeking individuals (NOT Terrorists) from New England to Hawaii. What will it take to convince the so-called "Powers That Be" that our peaceful and just mission is to sail to Gaza, to deliver letters of solidarity to the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children who have been imprisoned (IMPRISONED ILLEGALLY) in that small strip of land for too long? How long will it take to expose the bullying and criminal behavior of the Israeli government?! And how long will it take for honorable people everywhere to acknowledge the reprehensible complicity of our government in the continuation of this terrible siege on the people of Gaza! I see such corruption in the actions and non-actions of our State Department. How dare they threaten us--U.S. Citizens--- for wanting to sail our American flagged, peaceful little ship to Gaza---through INTERNATIONAL waters---not through Israeli waters!!
Here in Athens, boats in the Flotilla are being sabotaged...misinformation is being spread through Israeli and US channels. And...
At home, in Santa Fe, while fires of freedom are ignited in Santagma Square and while the people of Greece begin a general New Mexico neighborhood is burning. All I can say right now, as my time in this Internet cafe expires, is WAKE UP Everyone! Wake up! This is your world that is being destroyed by the Greed of the few!! I want to post this---even though it's incomplete---in case I never get back here...

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