Thursday, June 30, 2011


When one is in the middle of a revolution or a world class event---I mean right in the middle, near the tear gas and the TV cameras, the World still seems like the World---only faster, louder, stronger, hungrier, uglier and, of course, sadder. I am in that imploding/exploding world of revolution. Signs of all kinds are visible and audible everywhere. Everything happens in the instantaneous now. Seconds pass. One breathes or doesn't breathe. One retreats to the edges of the action---or one moves to the center, or to the far (progressively farther) progressive left. One goes to where the good people are. The people whose lives are deeply effected by the greed of the few. Really. How is it that we (the righteous people on the left) have allowed--continue to allow--the people on the right to steal from us. Ah, Revolution!! Someone goes to jail for a simple, but absolutely necessary crime of stealing bread while another steals a brother's life, a sister's opportunity, a grandparent's pride, a father's livelihood, a mother's courage...No, they mustn't steal our courage. We must not let them take our cake!

Organize. That's what they (who are not our friends, our supports) do. Slowly, greedily with malice aforethought they convince the masses that everything is theirs: every country, every army, every bank, every school...They have taken our schools and now we are turning out drones. They have coveted our ingenuity and now that ingenuity is disappearing in the fear-mongering climate that "they" created. Will we awaken? Is there a way to stand and face and overthrow those who would oppress us?
There must be. And that is what we seek.  We seek to see through and to expose the bring the dark liars into the disempower those who would sabotage the efforts of the righteous!
I am in Athens, dreaming of Gaza...I want to pray---not to a god nor to THE GOD whom so many worship (although for the life of me I cannot understand how they know these unknowable things). Still, I want to hope or wish or dream or yes, even pray, that the people of the world will awaken and will begin--very surely---to expose the lies, the uncover the sabotage that threatens to blow us away. May it lose its power as it is exposed to the clear light of a new day! Then perhaps we will re-invent the world we all thought we had...a world without end, without end, without end....

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